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I am trying to write my prayer letter update.  I don’t feel like there is very much to update people on.  I have settled back into a school routine and so my days seem very mundane.  I am thankful that … Continue reading

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I Can Only Imagine

This past weekend I was able to go stay with a wonderful family in Nairobi.  They have three wonderful kids, and I loved getting to be Uncle John.  Even though their mom technically only has one brother named John (and … Continue reading

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Am I a servant?

This is the question that I was challenged with in my spirit today at church.   I don’t remember if the pastor gave this direct challenge to consider whether or not I am a servant.  However, I have been thinking through … Continue reading

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A Single Guy’s Thoughts on Being Single in Overseas Missions

For about a year, I have been pondering the way to write a post about this topic.  At the end of my first month here on the field, I think I have enough of a grasp on them to share … Continue reading

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