Furaha Mwaka Mpya! (Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year from Kenya!  Right now, it is midnight on New Years day in Kenya.  I had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you did as well.  This was the second Christmas that I spent here in Kenya.  This time it was very different.  I will write more about this a little later in this post.

As I promised in my Christmas prayer letter, I wanted to write a more complete update about the what has been going on.

At the beginning of December I went to GOA’s Annual International Youth Conference.  This was the second time that I have had the pleasure to be a part of this conference.  This time, I was not the only American in attendance.  Over the last several months God has blessed me with a good friend, George.  He is over here until February working with another organization.  The conference was a good time of fellowship and worship.  I apologize for the video quality, I took these on my cell phone.

In this song, we are singing “receive our praise oh Lord”

In this song, we are singing “Ni wewe Bwana” (You are Lord)

I was able to reconnect with a lot of the people that I met last year.  I was also able to understand and use a lot more Kiswahili than last year.

Here is my attempt at capturing a beautiful sunset on our last night.



On our way back from the conference, George and I stopped at one of the new Dominos and Cold Stone Creameries in Nairobi.  It was the best pizza that I have had since arriving here.  In my opinion it rivaled the pizzas in the US.

When SIM and GOA closed for the holiday on Friday (Dec. 19), I headed up-country (outside of Nairobi) with a group of friends from SIM.  We went to Samburu National Park.  It was a good time of rest and relaxation.  There were a couple of hiccups along the way.  While my friend was driving up there, his car engine broke.  So, we packed on into a couple of other vehicles in the caravan and carried on our journey.  Thankfully, since getting back he has been able to have his car repaired.  The other incident was that I placed some money into the safe at the Ashnil Tented Campsite that we were staying at only to have 2,000 KSH of it stolen (~$22).

We arrived back to Nairobi the following Monday night and I spent the week lounging around not doing much.  I was able to celebrate Christmas by Skyping with my family back home, and helping George bake some brownies and going to a potluck at the SIM Compound.  It was a lot different than my other Christmas here.  It has been a good time, but I really missed my family this year.  I look forward to being able to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years back in the US next year.

Today, has been filled with watching TV Shows, Movies, and now I have begun to watch College Football games.  I wish many blessings to you and your family in this New Year.  Furaha Mwaka Mpya! Happy New Year!


About John

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am from Mableton, Ga. I studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Then I earned a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. I am now serving with SIM in Kenya working in Information Technology.
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