Jesus Loves Me

Several weeks ago, I saw Ragamuffin.  It is a wonderful film about the life of Rich Mullins.  This clip has got me thinking about various things.  Here is a clip of one of the things that stuck out to me most about this movie.  This preacher had just finished his sermon proclaiming obedience to these sets of rules.  The last thing he leaves the audience with is this questions, “would Jesus be proud of you?”  Well, in the movie Rich gets up and this is his response to that question.

Just in case you don’t recognize the instrumental of this song, here is another version with a little girl singing the words to the song.

I think that this is so simple that we tend to glance over the truth of it.  Jesus loves me?!?  It is such a radical proposition.  Jesus is the Lord of the universe… In Him all things were created… Yet, He loves me?!?  How can this be?

The answer that we all can shout is a resounding, YES! He does! He loves me!!! Here is the kicker… It isn’t because we have done anything to deserve it.

It isn’t because I work in IT as a missionary in Kenya.  Not because I went to Seminary.  Not because I try to help people. It isn’t about anything that I am able to do.

So, how does this make sense? How can the Lord of the universe love me?  What did I do?  Who am I that He should love me?  The only answer that I can come up with is that it is all about who God is and not about me at all.  So, I think one of the answers that God gives for these questions, is I AM.  This is the same answer that he gives Moses when Moses asks God’s name.  God responds with, “I AM who I AM.” (Exodus 3:14)  It isn’t about what I did, or the things that I have accomplished.  It is all about who God is.  God is… God is Truth… God is Jealous… God is Love…  That is why He loves me.

I don’t know about you but I think that there is something tremendously freeing in these realizations.  Jesus loves me, not for what I did or for who I am.  He loves me in and of Himself.  That means that if I can’t earn God’s love through what I say or do, then I can’t lose it either.  I don’t have to worry about ever not being loved by him.  He will always love me.

So, is Jesus proud of me? No, probably not all the time… But He does love me all the time.


About John

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am from Mableton, Ga. I studied Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Then I earned a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Asbury Theological Seminary. I am now serving with SIM in Kenya working in Information Technology.
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One Response to Jesus Loves Me

  1. Robert Irvine says:

    Great blog John and a truth we should never let go of.

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